Bird Key Women's Association


Looking to meet some fun friends on Bird Key?


Bird Key Women’s Association invites all interested Bird Key resident women to gather for fun and fellowship through coffees, happy hours, lunches, field trips, book clubs, couples events, special interest groups and more!  


To join, simply fill out a membership application and pay the annual dues of $50.  Click here to get started.


Once a member, you’ll receive email invites and monthly

information about  all upcoming events.


Curious about what we have planned? Click here to view our

2021 calendar of events.  



2021 Leadership Team


Lynne Short, Marshall Fernandez, Shary Price, Dee Kropf, Rosanne Roble

Lunch Bunch Coordinator: Christina Shantz



Have other questions? Please email us:


Let our birds of a feather flock together!

BKWA is an all-volunteer women's organization for Bird Key residents and a separate entity from BKHA.