Bird Key Women's Association - Thank You


Thank you for submitting your Membership application to BKWA.  We are delighted to have you as a member!


You can pay your dues in one of two ways:   


  1. To pay electronically (preferred method), please download your bank’s mobile app and use their Zelle feature to transfer funds from your account to Most banks in the area (PNC, Chase, Bank of America, 5/3, BBT, etc.) have Zelle in their mobile banking app.Zelle allows you to electronically transfer funds to any email address or cell phone number. It’s easy and convenient! Try it!

  2. You can also pay by check. Please make your $50 check payable to “Bird Key Women’s Association” and mail to Rosanne Roble, 333 W. Royal Flamingo Drive, Sarasota, FL 34236


Questions about membership?  Please email us at  You can also text or call Rosanne Roble, our Membership Director at  757-630-0346.